by John Howells

If you want to grow clematis but do not know which clematis to grow, then this book is for you.

You need not be bewildered by the 1,000 clematis on the market. Knowing just twelve clematis gives you the features of all twelve group and thus all clematis. Knowing the twelve groups is the key to knowing clematis. Knowing the groups, you can easily tell which clematis to grow in your garden to give the effect you want.

This book shows you each of the twelve groups. It also describe three to six example plants in each group. Read about one group at a time, look at the examples, and you quickly learn the features of that group. Soon you know all twelve groups and so all clematis.

Disappointment with clematis due to plants being struck down with wilt is common. This book gives you a balanced view of present knowledge of ‘wilt’ and the encouragement to cope with it.

Produced in hardback in slightly larger than A5 size, this book is small enough to take with you, when visiting a nursery or garden centre.

143 pages with over 200 colour photographs

Published by Garden Art Press

ISBN: 1-870673-37-9

May be purchased online p&p free from Green Shopping

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